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The Ajira team has deep industry experience and an excellent track record implementing enterprise class insurance value chain platforms as part of prior ventures. We understand digital transformation requires the modern insurance enterprise to interconnect with its business partners across its ecosystem. Our cloud based open web services architecture supports and fits easily with a service oriented architecture that most insurance organizations have adopted as part of their digital strategy. Our implementation services help ensure our customer’s success.

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Product and Technology Expertise

Our team has deep expertise in our products and technology. In addition they have excellent insurance domain knowledge. Our technology is based on smart algorithms and artificial intelligence techniques and our team understands how our products must be implemented.

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On Time On Budget

We are very results focused. We use a structured and agile project management methodology to ensure maximum business benefit. A project may be split into planned iterations with quantified deliverables during and at the end of each iteration. Milestones are set for each iteration and tracked to successful closure.

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Integration and Interfaces

Our team has extensive experience in integrations and interfaces. Our Cloud based open web services architecture allows us to enable real time data exchange with our customer’s policy and claims systems. We are able to provide data interfaces as well based upon customer request.

Ajira Software

Business Value Capture

Our implementation teams identify business processes impacted by our products that existing digital transformations might overlook. Our team’s process design and workflow analytical skills are critical in capturing value for our customers and helping them realize financial gain.

Training and Knowledge Transfer

Our trainers employ an interactive training approach to rapidly familiarize customer teams with features, functions and tools. Our implementation experts utilize our ‘best practices library’ of implementation templates, user manuals, help files, project processes and tools to train customers. Our products are designed to be intuitive allowing customers to quickly develop expertise. Our training programs are designed with knowledge transfer in mind and a ‘train the trainer’ approach to help our customer achieve independence in product use.


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