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What does Ajira Software do?

Ajira Software was founded to address digital transformation in the insurance value chain.  We focus on the gaps in functional areas that  remain unaddressed by core systems while leveraging artificial intelligence algorithms and state of the art collaboration.

What does Ajira Software formed?

Ajira Software was founded July, 2017

Where is Ajira Software based?

We are headquartered in Oak Brook, a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. Our software development labs are located in Pune, India.  We do not have offices or any employees at any other locations.

How do Ajira Software’s products integrate with third party vendor systems or home grown core systems?

Ajira Software’s products may be integrated with any third party Policy, Billing and Claims system or any home grown system.  We’re able to integrate either in real time using WebAPIs or using data interfaces that may lag by a few hours.  Ask us about our graduated integration approach that allows you to get started without creating substantial up front work for your IT department.

Are Ajira Software’s products secure?

Ajira Software’s products use industrial strength encryption and we go beyond industry standard security to keep data secure.  Data is encrypted in transit and at rest.  We use proprietary multi-layer application security and additionally keep our processing environments up to date with security updates.

How are Ajira Software’s products priced?

Ajira Software product prices are calculated based on a combination of several factors such as size of the insurer, volume of data and server/network usage.  Implementation costs may vary by the scope of business functions and workflows.


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