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IntelliAUDIT™ is a smart product featuring a smartphone app that works seamlessly with a cloud based web application to provide workers compensation carriers with a superior premium audit capability. In addition to providing a carrier’s policy holders with a self-reporting capability, IntelliAUDIT is able to process audit data from a policy holder’s payroll service. IntelliAUDIT is able to generate audits as input from a carrier’s policy systems or on predetermined intervals or on demand. It provides a full spectrum of audit management features including managing third party auditors, in house auditors, audit assignments, approvals and the overall audit workflow. It supports an auction model for third party auditor assignment award based upon bid and auditor rating. It provides complete integration with a carrier’s policy system for up to date rates, payroll and class/location information.


Key Features

Robust Capabilities

Provide a robust set of capabilities to carriers, internal and external auditors and policyholders to process premium audits using a powerful smartphone app paired with a fully featured cloud application

Multiple Delivery

Multiple delivery and processing options
including smartphone app, carrier portal,
policyholder portal and vendor (third party auditor) portal

Automatic Assignment

Automatic assignment of audits amongst the internal auditor team and management of the team’s calendars and workload

Automatic Billing

Automatic generation of a billing record based on net rate calculations

Report Generation

Advanced reporting capabilities

Locate Sites

Locate a safety visit site using the smartphone map and direction features

Automated Interfaces

Automated interfaces with payroll providers to process audit reporting

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage artificial intelligence algorithms to proactively recommend changes in types of audits and their frequency

Dynamic Audit Generation

Dynamic generation of various types of audits based upon user specified frequency and criteria

Automated Processes

Automatic generation and distribution of
audit letters

Complete Integration

Complete integration with carrier core policy, billing and document management systems using Web API or data feeds

Auction Capability

Auction capability allowing qualified third party auditors to bid on audit requisitions and complete processing of audits using a vendor portal

Self Reporting

Self Reporting capabilities available to policyholders for completing audits that qualify

Vendor Portal

Vendor portal for bidding, audit processing and invoicing

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