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IntelliFROI™ is a smart product that focuses on the workers compensation market. It’s an early incident reporting tool that directly addresses claim lag thereby reducing claims costs. We believe that insurance carriers, state funds, PEOs, self-insureds and municipalities will benefit significantly by implementing this tool. Most claims processing organizations provide their policy holders with some sort of a web reporting capability to process a first report of injury (FROI). However, very few offer a mobile app such as our FROI app and web application to expedite early reporting of an accident or injury. IntelliFROI is a combination of an iPhone/Android app that works seamlessly with a Cloud based web application. It’s able to deliver an early incident report to an insurance carrier, self-insured or a municipality’s claim system in minutes.



Key Features

Report an Incident

Provide a capability to report an incident
to a carrier, self-insured or a municipality’s
claims system in minutes

Policy Coverage Check

Enables an early policy coverage check

Fraud Identification

Early identification of potential fraud

Subrogation Identification

Early identification of subrogation

Enhance Value

Enhance value to injured workers,
policyholders and agents by speeding
up the claim compensability decision
and the benefit payment process

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage artificial intelligence smart
algorithms to increase the accuracy of
the early incident report

Quick Claim Resolution

Enhance accuracy and quick claim resolution through our photo, audio and
video upload capability


Geocoding of the incident provides an
additional fraud check

Locate Providers

Locate a preferred health care provider
using the smartphone map and direction

Reduce Chances of Litigation

Reduce chances of litigation by eliminating
confusion and frustration on part of the
injured worker by providing a timely
reporting capability

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