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Ajira IntelliXform™ is a highly configurable, secure, scalable, web and mobile platform for digital transformation in the commercial insurance value chain. It significantly boosts customer experience while enabling sales engagement & digital distribution. It offers cloud-based web portals for quote, policy, billing and claims workflows to agencies, prospects, policyholders, claimants, law firms, third party investigators etc. Carriers may offer our IntelliXform mobile platform with their current Agency Portal or Policyholder Portal.  Alternately they may leverage IntelliXform’s cloud-based web portals.


Key Features

Advanced Collaboration

Our web portals and mobile app fundamentally improve customer experience and relationships between carriers, agencies, policyholders, claimants and other entities in the value chain using our state of the art IntelliSPEAK collaboration across IntelliXform web portals and mobile app platform.  Video calls and text chat are fully supported between unlimited users with recording and transcription for complete audit without the need to lookup phone numbers.  We take the friction out of new or renewal business supporting collaboration in real time, increasing carrier competitive advantage while decreasing attrition.

Self Service

IntelliXform offer customers self-service with a difference.  Our approach to digital transformation empowers your agencies, member/policyholders, and providers  while our advanced collaboration put underwriters, claims adjusters etc a click away combining the best aspects of a personal touch and empowerment.

Web Portals and Mobile App

IntelliXform offers cloud based web portals and a mobile app for agencies, policyholders, prospects, claimants, premium auditors, third party integrators, law firms etc. It extends core system workflows further into a carrier’s insurance value chain collecting data at the point of origin without requiring carrier resources to push workflows

Omnichannel Experience

IntelliXform supports sales, marketing and distribution channels using the latest mobile and cloud based web application technology. Its ability to enable workflows for all user types in the insurance value chain on mobile as well as web based platforms allows carriers to offer superior omnichannel capabilities to their value chain. All the portals and mobile app are private branded offering carriers true digital transformation in insurance.​

Disconnected Mode

IntelliXform’s mobile app utilizes a disconnected mode for continued operation without Wi-Fi or cell coverage for most features

Out-of-the-box Workflow Library

Leverage our bundled workflow library to get started quickly. Our workflow library provides packaged workflows for most common requests such as new business quotes, renewals, certificates of insurance, credit card payments etc. These work horses can help meet customer requests quickly while you take time to ideate that award winning workflow.  Our workflows are highly configurable and are easily able to support and manage unique aspects of your business.  Carriers are able to implement our portals and mobile platform in weeks instead of months.

No Code Platform

The mobile and web platforms offer a robust, no code environment that enable lightning quick changes to both the web portals and mobile applications. This agility enables superior carrier response to changing business needs well into the future while protecting carrier investment.

Seamless Integration

IntelliXform integrates seamlessly with core systems protecting carrier investments in their core systems while providing new, modern technology to external stakeholders in the carrier’s value chain. While we support integration with older core systems using data interfaces, our preferred approach is WebAPI based real time integration

Integrated AI

IntelliXform leverages artificial intelligence algorithms to fundamentally transform workflows and provide unique actionable insights about customer experience and helps foster a feeling of community.

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