New offering provides a secure, branded mobile software solution to address carrier mobile strategy needs.

OAK BROOK, IL – December 1, 2021 – Ajira, an insurtech delivering artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for the property and casualty (P&C) insurance segment, is pleased to announce the release of MobileExpert™, the first comprehensive mobile platform that fully addresses mobile strategy for a carrier.  MobileExpert is a continuation of the company’s effort to bring innovation to the insurance value chain using a platform that blends AI, speech, mobile and cloud technologies.  

MobileExpert is a cloud hosted, secure, privately branded mobile platform that provides policy, billing and claims servicing and collaboration capabilities.  The MobileExpert platform provides a means for carriers to implement a comprehensive and robust mobile strategy out of the box.  Using MobileExpert, P&C carriers may quickly implement mobile solutions for their agents, prospects, policyholders, claimants and vendors.  These capabilities are accessible from any location 24x7x365 and the mobile platform also features a disconnected mode.  

“MobileExpert was designed to be a unified mobile strategy solution for carriers,” said Brian Bogel, Chief Business Development Officer of Ajira. “We examined the entire insurance value chain including all the touchpoints of an insurance carrier’s enterprise.  Our 360 degree review of the interactions between a carrier and its agencies, prospects, policyholders, claimants, fraud investigation vendors, third party audtiors, contracted service providers such as nursing and home care, etc. has driven the development of MobileExpert. Essentially, we address all the external touchpoints in a carrier’s ecosystem.  We believe that MobileExpert can be an integral part of any carrier’s digital transformation strategy.”

MobileExpert has a short implementation timeline and may be easily implemented within an insurance carrier’s value chain for better overall agency, prospect, policyholder, claimant or vendor experience.  Increased access, speed and efficiency of key insurance processes and workflows provide carriers with a competitive edge and a forward looking mobile platform in today’s demanding markets. For more information on Ajira or this new offering, please visit

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