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11 key considerations for insurers

A mobile app is typically a better option for enterprise class business applications compared to a responsive web application for reasons that are listed below.  A few applications are exceptions, however they tend to focus on sales, shopping carts, e-commerce or marketing.   Data intensive applications typically are deployed using a mobile app instead of a responsive web application.

Key benefits and considerations:

Usability and Ease of Use

Navigation, application menus, forms and folder structures are easier to navigate in a mobile app. Data intensive business applications benefit from logically segmented menu and folder structures.  This supports easy navigation using a tree-like menu structure without requiring special programming or otherwise being forced to present the user with very long scrolling forms.  Multi-tab forms are stacked in web applications requiring users to scroll up and down their device, affecting productivity and ease of use.  Consequently, web applications though responsive suffer from an adoption rate drop-off.

Customer Experience

In general, mobile apps offer a better user experience and offer designers more creativity and control over design elements, color palettes, panels, buttons, navigation bars, and menus.  This translates to a superior user experience.  IntelliXform’s mobile app provides insurance companies with an opportunity to offer a highly immersive user experience to their customers and fosters a feeling of community. IntelliXform’s flat design is intuitive, easy to learn, and easy to use facilitating a ‘no training required’ approach.

Data Security

IntelliXform’s mobile app use industry standard encryption to store and cache data on a smartphone.  This contributes to significantly better data security compared to web applications that cache browser data automatically.  Private mode may be enabled for web browsers but it requires instructing the user about a specific browser configuration with little recourse if the user chooses to ignore instructions.  Many enterprise class apps also support a remote device wipe if a user’s access is disabled.  Browser based web applications cannot perform a remote wipe of their browser cache data. 

Massive Data Transfer

IntelliXform’s mobile app uses intelligent, encrypted data caching to speed up response and provide an effective capability to handle large datasets.  Web applications typically need to download all the data each time to the device browser causing slower response times.

Disconnected (Offline) Mode

Mobile apps such as IntelliXform support a disconnected mode allowing a user to perform many functions even if the network connection is poor or absent and resume seamlessly when the user is in range or when connected to wi-fi.  Responsive web applications cannot support a disconnected mode due to their architecture limitations.

Video and Text Chat

IntelliXform and IntelliSPEAK offer native access to a smartphone camera, video calling and text chat (works in disconnected mode) while preserving the privacy of phone numbers.  Video sessions are recorded and text chat transcripts are saved providing a complete audit trail. Web applications are able to support video calling and chat with third party plug-ins requiring permission management for each use. This may contribute to an increasing adoption drop-off rate. 

No-code Environment

IntelliXform provides a No-code environment allowing customers to change forms, data elements and rules very quickly.  This allows IntelliXform to keep up effortlessly with core system software releases.

Our No-code forms engine allows customers to standup new forms and/or new data elements very quickly.  Customers may leverage this capability to capture data to meet any changing regulatory or business requirements even if their core systems platform needs time accommodate new requirements.  The new data captured may be tanked in the IntelliXform cloud and sent to a data warehouse or a core system platform when it is ready to receive the new data.  This way IntelliXform and the core system work together to provide customers the best solution to address changing needs.

Biometric Login and Security

Most smartphones today support biometric login. IntelliXform leverages biometric login so that users do not need to remember passwords.  This greatly enhances mobile app adoption as well as security.  While web application passwords can be saved in a browser, they are highly insecure*. Unfortunately, modern browsers have integrated password managers and password saving cannot be turned off by a web application.  Browser password managers are on by default, and passwords may be exposed to risks listed below and this may affect security adversely.

*Malware, spyware and browser extensions steal passwords from any browser including Apple Safari. Some common and widespread malware and their variants such as Redline Stealer, XLoader, Smoke Loader, Amadey Trojan etc. not only steal passwords but also other stored information such as credit cards, names, addresses, location, hardware configuration as well as installed security software. 

SEO and Visibility with the Apple Store and Google Play Store

A customer branded mobile app (IntelliXform) will help increase visibility of their brand and also improve their SEO ranking.

Competitive Advantage

A carrier branded mobile app may provide a competitive edge in the market.  Speed in application processing combined with after hours and week-end self-service capabilities allow carriers to stand out in a competitive market.  The video and text chat collaboration capability increase customer satisfaction significantly.   

Push Notifications

IntelliXform is a carrier branded mobile app that enables carriers to push time sensitive notifications to its users in real-time. These may be payment reminders, renewal reminders, endorsement notifications and other communication. The IntelliXform mobile app allows a carrier’s policyholders to receive these notifications immediately on their devices and act upon them, thus saving time and customer service follow-up.

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