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Learn how Ajira’s incident management and first report of injury solution, IntelliFROI, helped a workers’ compensation carrier leverage artificial intelligence algorithms to manage claim lag, improve customer experience, and increase policyholder collaboration while providing 7X24 self-service for injury reporting.

Our customer, a mid-size workers compensation carrier, selected Ajira Software to help with several injury reporting challenges including claim lag and inconsistent communication from policyholders about injuries.  Prior to IntelliFROI implementation, our customer’s claims and loss prevention departments expended significant effort interacting with their policyholders to ensure injuries and incidents were reported quickly and classified for proper processing and escalation if needed.  However, inconsistent manual processes used by policyholders led to delays at times that contributed to claim lag and ultimately higher claim costs. Our customer reviewed various options and selected our IntelliFROI solution, which is part of our IntelliXform digital transformation platform.

IntelliFROI has been running successfully in production for the past year and a half.  Customer resources and the Ajira team worked closely over a period of a few months in the lead up to going live in 2022.  Key factors contributing to the success of the implementation were allocation of quality resources by the customer and executive management buy-in. Our joint implementation team iterated rapidly through the business requirements to roll-out an initial version.  The IntelliXform No-code engine and our artificial intelligence algorithms were key in accommodating new requirements and rolling out new production releases as the joint implementation team continued to work with onboarding additional policyholders.  Our No-code engine provided for complex changes to forms and rules to be rolled out very quickly.

The business mix of policyholders consists of regular employers, staffing companies and PEOs.  IntelliFROI is fully integrated with our customer’s core Policy, Billing and Claims system with round trip data exchange.  It has strengthened carrier policyholder relationships and helped foster a feeling of community and collaboration with policyholders.  Several surveys of policyholders were carried out by our customer and the feedback about IntelliFROI is overwhelmingly positive.  IntelliFROI continues to contribute to a positive customer experience, better collaboration and claim lag reduction.          

No successful program is implemented without challenges.  Our joint teams addressed these challenges proactively and developed creative solutions to solve difficult problems.  The IntelliFROI program was delivered on time, on budget.

Please contact us to find out how IntelliFROI may provide positive results in your business environment.

Pratish Pillay

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