Initial release of new platform provides video analysis, subrogation, an injury severity score and additional claims focused offerings

LISLE, Illinois, Oct. 26, 2020 — Ajira, an insurtech company delivering artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for the property and casualty (P&C) insurance segment, is pleased to announce the release of its comprehensive artificial intelligence platform, the first in a series of releases each of which target additional areas of the insurance value chain. 

Ajira’s platform supports all its current products out of the box. These include IntelliFROI, IntelliFNOL as well as IntelliFRAUD, IntelliLP and IntelliAUDIT that are in development.  The platform may be implemented by P&C carriers to work synergistically with any core system.  

“The initial release of our AI platform represents several years of effort and focuses on the claims domain and workflows.  Future releases will address other areas of the insurance value chain including underwriting.  Our architecture enables us to provide an AI platform with a set of published APIs.” said Pratish Pillay, CTO of Ajira. “In addition to powering our IntelliFROI and IntelliFNOL products, our platform is able to provide the immediate benefits of advanced AI algorithms to insurance carriers regardless of the core system they’ve implemented.” 

Ajira’s artificial intelligence platform has a short implementation timeline. It may be implemented by any P&C insurance organization for greater efficiency in the claim life cycle, improved claim costs, better loss/injury outcomes, reduced litigation and  better overall policyholder and claimant experience. 

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